How to increase FPS - Battlefield 4

What is FPS and why I should increase it?

FPS means "frame per second", that is how many images is processed and passed to your monitor. It is very important to increase FPS for Battlefield 4 because:
  • You can track fast-moving unit.
  • Game video looks more smooth. (too low FPS causes some people headache/nausea)

What can I do to increase Battlefield 4 FPS?

  1. Upgrade computer hardware
    Graphics card is the most important part of hardware for increasing FPS. Minimum graphics card for Battlefield 4 to get stable 60+FPS is: gtx 1070 Ti. CPU is the second important part, upgrade it if it is under i5. Then is the memory, upgrade it to at lease 8G DDR4.
  2. Graphics settings(For Nvidia GPU)
    Right-click your desktop, click "Nvidia control panel". On the popped up window, find "Manage 3d Settings" on the left side menu bar and click it. Then, on the right side, find "Multi-display/ Mixed-GPU acceleration" section, change it's setting to "Multiple display performance". Find "Power management mod", set it to "Prefer maximum performance". Find "Texture filtering", set it to "Performance". You can get 8 - 12 FPS increase by doing this.
  3. In-game settings
    Go to in-game graphics settings adjust the quality to lower level. For example, lower or turn off Shadow, Anti-aliasing, Post processing. You can get 9 - 15 FPS increase by lower the video quality.


Take a look of your monitor specs. If it is a 60HZ monitor, the maximum FPS you can possibly get is 60 whatever how good is your graphics card. If it is a 144HZ monitor, the maximum FPS is 144.

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